Hello everyone! Its been a long time after starting this interesting series. Excuse me for the late posting. By the way, today we are going to discuss about the real definition of time. Did you ever go into the thinking chain about the exact definition of Time?  OK. I got it. Almost 90% of you people are saying “No. Because, we know what is time.” Right?

               Actually, none of us ‘Know’ the actual meaning of Time. Its your own opinion about time.We all use the term TIME in our daily life. It may be about asking the current time or event timing schedule or time period of the lecture. But what we use in normal life is all about the ‘RELATIVE’ time. You must be knowing this stuff,but the interesting thing about this matter is that ‘TIME’ is very different from ‘RELATIVE TIME’ . We use the units years,months,days,hours,minutes,seconds etc. in our daily life. Some of the readers may have faced unit milliseconds,nanoseconds etc. But this is all about the relative time.
Now, if i say, “I’m gonna be there in 5 minutes”, it means the distance in time dimension between the events “NOW” and “THEN” will be 5 minutes or may be 300 seconds or 30000 milliseconds.
The journey of Time all started at big bang as some of the scientists say.The definition of Time written on Wikipedia says:

“Time is a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future,and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals between them.”

“Time is what keeps everything from happening at once”

                 The statement right after the definition of time on wikipedia tells a lot about the time. Whoever created the universe(Actually universe itself) already arranged the things in a special pattern and for those things preventing them from all happening at once the universe put itself into the jar of TIME. So that, it flows in a smooth manner and the EVENTS in the universe don’t coincide with themselves or other events.

              Time is the only thing that is controlling the events. One of the thoughts in my mind is about the strange thing that may happen or is happening now also is that “The time may be slowing down or being faster than a standard speed(there is no standard actually and time can’t have a speed but you should understand what i mean)” . Nothing in this universe is perfect. So, why should time  be?? According to me, time is also flowing in different speeds at different time but as our whole universe depends upon that “STANDARD TIME OF UNIVERSE” , we are not getting the sensation of time slowing down or being faster because our body cells are also working with the same speed of time. Sorry, if you are not getting.


                 Currently universe is working at 1 hour/hour time speed(T.S.) Let us slow down the T.S. So, now the universe is flowing at 1/2 hour per hour. All the things have been slowed down. According to the standard universe time, earth is now completing its rotation in 48 hours as we have decreased the speed of universe to half of its standard value. Now, our body cells are also working in the same speed(1/2). That’s why we are not getting the sensation of time being slowed down because that 1/2 hour of standard universe time is a full 1 hour for us. Hence we will never get the sensation of time being slower or faster. And as the universe is never perfect, the speed of time must be definitely changing all the time.

               Now, moving to another concept. Take one hour, consists of 60 minutes. One minute, consists of 60 seconds. One second, consists of 100 milliseconds and so on. You may prefer the list of units of time taken from WIKIPEDIA.

Unit Size Notes
yoctosecond 10−24 s
zeptosecond 10−21 s
attosecond 10−18 s shortest time uncertainty
in present measurements
femtosecond 10−15 s pulse time of ultrafast lasers
(100 as = 0.1 fs)
picosecond 10−12 s
nanosecond 10−9 s time for molecules to fluoresce
microsecond 10−6 s
millisecond 0.001 s
second 1 s SI base unit
minute 60 seconds
hour 60 minutes
day 24 hours
week 7 days Also called sennight
fortnight 14 days 2 weeks
lunar month 27.2–29.5 days Various definitions exist.
lunation 29.53 days One lunar phase cycle.
month 28–31 days
quarter 3 months
lunar year 12 lunar months 354.37 days (11 or 12 days short of a year)
year 12 months
common year 365 days 52 weeks + 1-day
leap year 366 days 52 weeks + 2 days
tropical year 365.24219 days[39] average
Gregorian year 365.2425 days[40] average
Julian year 365.25 days
Olympiad 4-year cycle
lustrum 5 years Also called pentad
decade 10 years
Indiction 15-year cycle
generation 17–35 years approximate
jubilee 50 years
century 100 years
millennium 1,000 years
exasecond 1018 s roughly 32 billion years, more than twice
the age of the universe on current estimates
cosmological decade varies 10 times the length of the previous
cosmological decade, with CÐ 1 beginning
either 10 seconds or 10 years after the
Big Bang, depending on the definition.

                So, what do you get from the above table? Is there any shortest limit for time? No. We can cut time into pieces into whatever we want the value. There is actually no limit for dividing the time into further pieces. The units are just the names given to those parts. Consider the smallest part of time,though there is no “smallest” part. What is being happened in this smallest part of time? NOTHING!!!!
Are you getting the beauty of the concept of time? If we actually able to measure the relatively smallest unit of time for this universe, we would probably end up having the “PAUSED” universe!!!
But universe doesn’t allow us to pause it. It then starts events to further divide into much smaller parts. So that universe will not be paused. Even in the smallest unit of time there must be happening something like billionth/trillionth part of the atomic diffusion process.
Eventually, we again end up asking ourselves, what is time? Actually, if you ask this question to any theoretical scientist, you will get the answer like “Time is nothing”. But for our satisfaction or to conclude this article we may define time as



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