TIME MACHINE SERIES(Contents and Introduction)


2)What is TIME?
3)Measurements of TIME
4)Does Time have dimension? Is it a scalar quantity or a vector one?
5)Can we travel through time? Is time travel possible? How will time machine be?
6)Consequences of Time Travel

                                                           1)   INTRODUCTION

           Have you ever seen a dream of going into the future or past? Have you ever heard about ” TIME TRAVEL”? There exists the most confusing concept of physics which is not understood by any scientist yet..
This confusing concept is “TIME”.

You must be thinking what bullshit is I’m talking about. But believe me friends, Time is the most confusing and not understandable concept of physics. No-one can strictly or we can say perfectly interpret what the time is! Remember here, I’m not talking about the relative time measure which we use everyday.
This matter is about only “TIME”.

I will try to explain you how time travel is possible and also what are the consequences of TIME TRAVEL. Basically, what is TIME? The term TIME that we use in everyday english is the relative time between any two events of this universe.

          After hours and hours of thinking I created one definition of TIME. We will discuss it (How I got the definition of time) in second chapter, named “What is Time?”. I searched thousands of pages on internet, read some books about time such as “A brief history of time” written by my most favourite scientist Stephen Hawking. And finally got the real definition of “TIME”.

          You all know every quantity in this universe has a “UNIT OF MEASUREMENT”. Time also has units of measurement. You know some standard measurements like seconds,minutes,hours….and so on. But there is something more than those simple units. We will discuss it in third chapter named “Measurements of Time”.

        Many of you may have thought about the dimension of Time. There are so thousands of different opinions about the quantity “Time”. Is it a scalar one or a vector one? If its a vector quantity then what are the different directions of time in which it travels in the universe? Or its just a scalar quantity? We will discuss both sides of the topic. Why some people are looking at time as a scalar quantity and why others see it as a vector quantity? Find out in chapter 4.

           There are so many movies on the concept of “TIME TRAVEL”. But no-one really knows is it really possible to have one time machine? The answer to this question is “Yes.” It is absolutely possible to create one time machine. Actually, I must say, the time machine is already created. We will discuss all this stuff and will create a virtual time machine just by mind power in chapter 5 and will see what are the consequences if we actually create one in chapter 6.

         So, wear your seat-belts and just get ready for the interactive journey of TIME…


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