Very very poor name!! You must be thinking of getting out of this stuff!! Really, this is very boring…Actually the concept behind this article originated by one statement of one of my friend…I will not tell you the statement because you will not get how I came to this conclusion from that statement.
              So, the basic concept is that, whenever you are learning about a thing in deep, you are actually leaning backward towards the actual reality of the thing.You will not understand it simply… Let me give you one example. You learn that objects are consists of atoms(talking about science not computers(computer engineers will understand this joke!)) So, when you get the concept that everything is made up of atoms in 7th or 8th standard, you are actually leaning backwards towards the structure of the world. When you learn the concept that, atoms are made up of nucleus and electrons, you are again leaning more backwards towards the structure of atoms..  
             If, someone discovers that nucleus consists of  protons, neutrons then he is leaning back towards the timeline of that atom…Means everything in this universe is fixed. You discover the new thing. Its not a new thing. Its actually an old thing waiting to be discovered yet.. 
             The “DEDICATED TO SCIENCE” persons only understand the concept. Others will not understand this concept..
             But if this is the case then what is “LEAN AHEAD” If discovering new things is leaning back then what is leaning ahead?? I think , leaning ahead will be knowing about the FUTURE..
Any way, No need to discuss this concept in detail.. Waste of time… Thanks for reading… 
             If you have something to say about this, please let me know.. I like to discuss the concepts in physics like this, which are not understandable..And please dont hesitate if you dont understand…Actually I am also not sure about what I am writing.. Its my PERSONAL OPINION…

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