BLACK (A miracle)

See. What is black? 
Have you ever thought about this matter?
Yesterday, I had a simple thought in my mind about this matter. I thought about it very much. 
Finally, according to my science knowledge, I came to the decision that black should not be a color. Is it very confusing?? Or you may say interesting?? So, we will look at this concept now.

         Basically, what do you mean by a color? If you are an artist or any other man except a science student then you will definitely answer me that “What are you asking man?? A color is a color!!”    No. Color is not just a color, but a specific band of wavelength in the visual electromagnetic spectrum. You know “waves”. In electromagnetic spectrum 400 nm(nanometer) to  700 nm is a “visual spectrum”. It means that the waves having wavelengths between the range 400 nanometer to 700 nm can be seen by human eyes. If you observe this spectrum, you will not find the color named “BLACK”. Because black is not a color dude!
Then you will ask me ” Tell me, what color my hair have??” Simple, Your hair has the matter that absorbs all the colors incident on it. Hence you will find no color on your hair.
           Confused?? Or very angry?? I think you are very angry. OK! Let me explain you this concept more clearly. See, what you see is the reflection of light from the object you see. The difference colors of the objects are decided by the behavior of that matter to reflect only specifiic color of the light incident on that object. When you enter in a dark room, you cant see anything.
But you still say there that everything is black here. I can see a black color in this room….
Actually its our convenience that nothing means black. When  we say “Yes.That cell-phone has a black color”, we are continuing with the great mistake, because the statement means that the cellphone is emitting the black color!!! But its impossible!!!

        Black means nothing! We should not call “nothing” as a black “color”. Color means different. I thought on this matter for at-least 3-4 hours(not continuously) and arrived at this conclusion. Then, I went to GOOGLE and searched for the string” BLACK SHOULD NOT BE A COLOR”. I thought that no interesting results will come.. But I was amazed to see the matter on the web!! There were millions of pages purely written on this matter. I was a bit sad because i was not thinking on a different concept.. The concpet was already an old concept in science world.. But I was happy to see that whatever conclusion I arrived at was absolutely correct. 
            There I read that white should also not be a color because its not in a electromagnetic spectrum. But according to me, its wrong.. White is a mixture of all colors. so, it is also a color..I dont have a right to treat “white” as nothing.. Actually it is “ALL”…Black is “NOTHING”
           So, are you satisfied with my conclusion?? I think your doubt is very much clear now!
Still not??

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